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"Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei" Chalice #10-19910

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  • Gold-plated Chalice with an open filigreed cup and stem design
  • Blue enameled Latin inscription on the cup reads: "Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei", which means "For this is My Blood"
  • Base design includes engraved and fired enameled medallions of the Four Evangelists, the Holy Spirit and the Lamb of God
  • Node design has green and red enameled medallions of the letters JESUS
  • Chalice measures 8-3/4" (height)
  • 10 oz. capacity
  • Case included
  • Sterling Silver Cup
  • #10-19910 Chalice and Paten - $9,195
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